Best Places To Visit In Brunei

Best Places To Visit In Brunei

Brunei is not a luxury stronghold or a famous Islamic nation. Although many villages still exist in capital town (Bandar Seri Begawan), Brunei isn’t a backwater oil rig. Actually, there are many of spacecraft museums along with a variety of entertained monuments around the country that take you some days visiting. The majority of sights are observed in the Seri Begawan- the capital town such as: Ayer Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque, Brunei Memorial and the Museum. However, there are certainly several nice places away some kilometers from the administrative center, such as the ostentatious Kingdom Hotel & Countryclub, Batang Duri Water in Temburong and the Acrylic & Gas Development Center in Seria.

1. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

This mosque is situated at Bandar Seri Begawan-the capital city of Brunei, and it is regarded as the country’s main milestone. This can be a wonderful mosque particularly during the night when it ‘lightening in the dark’. 28 domes of this mosque are symbols of the Sultan in Brunei, Ali III.

Best Places To Visit In Brunei - sultan omar ali saifufddien mosque

2. James Bolkiah Mosque

This is actually the biggest mosque in Brunei and it hase 29 domes that are made from gold. It’s also domestically referred to as the Mosque, created to honor their majesty’s 25th Wedding the rule.

3. Royal Regalia Building

As of Feb 17, 2016, some places are closed, under restoration.) You can see all of the entire regalia Sultan, such as the overhead and noble chariot, with the huge assortment of prize. You can consider pictures in the entry region and can use your camera.

Best Places To Visit In Brunei -royal regalia building

4. Ayer (water village)

A primitive village constructed on stilts above the Water submerged in historic and social history. It’s considered to be the biggest water town on the planet and it is referred as “Venice of the East”. The way of transport is plank paths and water cabs.

5. Brunei Memorial

(By Feb 17, 2016, this memorial is near until further notice.) Displays include daggers and vintage cannons, items and Borneo shows discovered off coasts from shipwrecks.

6. Nurul Iman

It’s standard of the sultan of Brunei’s home. The structure can be found in the banks of the Water villages in the south of Bandar Seri Begawan, on the luxuriant, several kilometers away from city center. Nurul Iman, meaning Structure of Faith’s Lighting, is considered any type’s world’s biggest residential structure. The structure is not only close to community during Raya period in Brunei.

best places to visit in brunei nurul iman

7. Ulu Temburong National Park

There many activities you are able to enjoy in the region such as the many interesting ventures on the Cover Pathway, the natural forest from more than 60 yards above the form of the hill. This pathway, constructed with metal towers backing the cable way.

8. Country-club and the Kingdom Resort

This really is among beautiful locations you should visit in Brunei. The Kingdom Resort and Country-Club were built for six decades and was exposed on 16 April 2000. It’s Emperor Suite with cinema, pool, steam-room, sauna and great piano—was elected as “The World’s Top Presidential Suite” by the World Travel Awards 2003 & 2004. Guests can really like taking pictures in the lobby of the hotel and others places which are available to the community.

9. Gas and Oil Discovery Station

It displays the fascinating world of science and architecture because it pertains to the petroleum industry. The goal of the center is to produce an education station for people to enjoy and comprehend the gas and oil business that has been Brunei economy’s powerful promoter.

10. Billionth Barrel Monument

The monument is situated close to the oil well found in Seria Oil-Field. In the same place, you may also see the nodding devices which are used to push gas.

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